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Price of Taxsaver Commuter Ticket must be adjusted in line with new 90-minute-fare – Higgins

The price of the Taxsaver Commuter Ticket should be adjusted in line with new 90-minute-fare, to ensure that those commuting to and from work every day on public transport are receiving full value and tax efficiency from the scheme, a Fine Gael TD has said.

Deputy Emer Higgins called on the National Transport Authority to adjust the price of the Taxsaver Commuter Ticket, now that it no longer represents the best value for money since the introduction of the new 90-minute-fare.

Deputy Higgins said: “I really welcome the new fare structure and how seamless the new 90 minute fare between different modes of transport has been.

“And it’s great to see further reductions being implemented from today with 20% reductions in fares for the rest of the year and a 50% reduction for young people aged 18-23.

“I think these are hugely progressive steps to take, that will really make a difference in light of the rising cost of living and inflation that people are currently experiencing.

“But my concern is that commuters using public transport every day to get to work are not necessarily seeing this reduction, because at the moment you can buy a tax saver ticket for €1,150, which if you are using public transport to get to and from work five days a week every week, would equate to €23.96 a week.

“However, that’s roughly 18% more than if you were using the TFI leap card for two trips, five days a week, under the new 90-minute-fare., as it amounts to €20 euro for two trips 5 days a week with the 90-minute-fare. I feel this is an anomaly which needs to be fixed going forward.

“While I understand that the TFI leap card is more suitable for people who may be returning to work on a phased basis or are working in a hybrid manor, it does mean that people using the Taxsaver Ticket are not getting the full tax efficiency which is baked into the Taxsaver policy and which is also government policy to provide,” continued Deputy Higgins.

“I raised this recently at the Joint Oireachtas Transport Committee and asked that this anomaly be fixed and the Taxsaver Ticket cost be adjusted in line with the new 90-minute fare.

“During that Committee meeting, a representative for the National Transport Authority told me that the 90-minute-fare on the TFI leap card has called into question whether there is value associated with the Taxsaver ticket in certain circumstances, as the 90-minute fair represents the best value for money.

“But I certainly think that adjusting the price of the Taxsaver in line with the 90-minute-fair would allow those commuting to and from work every day to enjoy that same value while also continuing to receive the tax efficiency that it is government policy to provide,” concluded Deputy Higgins.

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