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HPV Vaccine to be free-of-charge for all women under 25 – Higgins

All women under the age of 25 will be able to receive the HPV vaccine free-of-charge, Dublin Mid West’s government TD has said.

Deputy Emer Higgins has welcomed the elimination of charges associated with the HPV vaccine for young women.

Deputy Higgins said, “The decision by government to remove all cost barriers to accessing the HPV vaccine for women under 25 is very welcome news and is a really positive development for young women in the local community.

“We know that the HPV vaccine saves lives but the cost for women who missed out on receiving the vaccine in school could be anywhere between €400 - €600 which is massively expensive and a major disincentive to women getting the vaccine, especially young women who may be in full-time education or part-time employment who just wouldn’t have that money.

“I know from engaging with teenagers, young women and their families in my constituency that there were many who wanted to have the protection of the HPV vaccine but simply couldn’t afford it and thankfully now they will be able to get their vaccine for free,” said Deputy Higgins.

“Now that the HPV vaccine is free, we need to be ambitious in ensuring that every woman in this country under 25 is vaccinated and that the catch-up programme is as successful as possible.

“This vaccine saves lives and I would encourage any young woman who has not yet received the HPV vaccine to do so as soon as possible,” concluded Deputy Higgins.

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