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Campaign needed to boost take-up of grant aiming to help people suffering hair loss

An awareness campaign is needed to boost take-up of a new grant scheme designed to help people suffering from hair loss, Dublin Mid West’s Fine Gael TD has said.

Deputy Emer Higgins, has established that 183 people have so far availed of the €500 grant towards the cost of a wig or a hairpiece due to hair loss as a direct result of illness such as alopecia or chemotherapy cancer treatment.

Deputy Higgins said, “After campaigning for the introduction of this grant, I am keeping an eye on its progress. I recently questioned the Minister for Social Protection on the matter and it was confirmed to me that since the introduction of the grant a little over two months ago, 183 people have received it.

“While it is very positive that a number of people have benefitted so far, I am sure that many more people qualify. We need to get the word out that this grant is available to people and I encourage our medical social workers, operating within the community to remind people about the grant.

“The grant operates under the Treatment Benefit Scheme and provides up to €500 for one hairpiece or wig each year.

“Losing your hair can really add to the trauma of illness and for many people a wig or hairpiece gives them back a sense of themselves and boosts their confidence.

“Wigs can be hugely expensive ranging in price from €1,000- €1,500 so this grant makes them so much more accessible.

“I also believe this grant should be made available to those who suffer long-term hair loss as a result of mental health issues like eating disorders such as anorexia, and this is something for which I will continue to campaign.”

“Personally, I have seen a lot of interest from local people getting in touch with me to find out how they can apply for this grant so I think an increased awareness campaign would be really beneficial to ensure that people are aware of the scheme and how to apply,” concluded Deputy Higgins.

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