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Call for Establishment of Garda Clinic in Adamstown - Higgins and Brady

Tuesday, 21st November 2023

Emer Higgins, Fine Gael TD for Dublin Mid West, and Caroline Brady, Fine Gael County Councillor candidate, are calling for the establishment of a Garda Clinic in Adamstown. This call is inspired by the successful implementation of a similar clinic in City West.


The proposed Garda Clinic aims to serve the Adamstown community by offering convenient services such as document stamping, form witnessing, and assistance with passport applications. It could also serve as a welcoming environment for residents to report incidents and interact with community Gardaí.


“The potential opening of a Garda Clinic in Adamstown is about bringing essential services closer to the local people and establishing a safe space for community engagement," stated Higgins.


Brady added, “Our goal is to enhance community safety and connectivity. A Garda Clinic in Adamstown would be a great step in achieving this, especially when combined with community-focused events.”


In line with this, the Nighttime Running & Walking Safety Talk, set to take place on Wednesday, 29th November at 7:30 pm at Adamstown Youth & Community Centre, aims to empower residents by sharing practical safety tips for nighttime running and walking.


“The accessibility of Garda services is crucial for community safety," Higgins commented. "We hope a Garda Clinic in Adamstown, alongside local safety events, would be instrumental in creating a more secure and safe environment for the community.”


Higgins and Brady urge local support for the proposed Garda Clinic and the upcoming safety event, emphasising their importance in building a secure environment for all community members.


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