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Higgins Pays Tribute to Parents in Dáil Chamber

Parenting in Covid-19 is tough out. That’s according to local T.D. Emer Higgins who has paid tribute to parents who are double-jobbing and triple-jobbing through the pandemic.

Speaking in the Dáil Chamber Deputy Higgins said, “Parents have had to become technologically able to access the school work online, and intellectually able to teach it. If they’ve teenagers they’re trying to coax them away from their friends on the green, their smart phones or their online games; and encourage them instead in to do their school-work and to exercise. If they’ve kids preparing for the leaving cert, then they’ve had to become their guidance counsellor, leading them through a traditionally stressful time during a unique period of uncertainty. If they’ve toddlers they’ve had to become pre-school teachers, experts at arts and crafts and ways of developing their child’s creativity and imagination in an entertaining way. If they’ve a child with special needs they’re doing their utmost to create a new routine amid chaos. All of this is before they cook, and clean, and in many cases, as is the new trend, bake.”

“And it’ particular challenging for working parents, parents who are struggling to balance all of these new demands with working from home or, if they’re an essential worker, on top of their day job during it’s busiest time. Those parents aren’t double-jobbing; they’re triple-jobbing! If you’re one of those parents, worried you’re not doing as well as other parents seem to be, please, know, you are doing enough. Your best is all you can give and it’s all anyone can expect of you,” said Deputy Emer Higgins.

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