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Council Displays Plans for new Play Space at Newcastle

Fine Gael Councillor, Emer Higgins, has welcomed the progression in obtaining two public play spaces for Newcastle. The two proposed playgrounds have moved to the Phase 8, public consultation stage.

“I have campaigned tirelessly for more amenities for the children of Newcastle and at last we are seeing some movement”

The maps and drawings for the proposed play spaces in Newcastle are now on view in SDCC offices in Tallaght and Clondalkin and in Clondalkin Library. They can also be viewed online where the public can see the full plans and make a submission


Climbing frames, an imaginative house, wobbly bridge, climbing rocks and tree stumps, swings, slide and see-saw, as well as a picnic area are included in the plans for the area in Burgage and near Texaco.

Cllr. Higgins has also requested, as part of the public consultation, that the drawings be displayed in the windows of the community hall and an information event held there in July.

Higgins would like to thank everyone who supported the campaign for the playground for Newcastle and for their patience. “The process has been frustratingly slow for all of us, but I am delighted to support this very positive progress”

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