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Higgins Welcomes 8 Additional Gardai for Rathcoole Garda Station

The Gardai are planning to add 8 new, experienced Gardai to Rathcoole Garda Station.

The news comes in response to a crime wave of burglaries in the rural area and has been welcomed by local Fine Gael Councillor, Emer Higgins.

"An increase of 8 local Gardai for Rathcoole Station is really welcome news. There's been a 50% increase in burlgaries in the wider area of Rathcoole and it's sparked huge local concern," explained Cllr. Emer Higgins.

"Local residents came together to hold a Crime and Policing public meeting in collaboration with politicians and police earlier this month and over 200 attended. It showcased the concern, fear and worry locally. At that meeting l gave a commitment to get the issue of Rathcoole Garda Station resourcing on to the agenda of the Joint Policing Committee. I attended that meeting on Friday where I had the opportunity to discuss the need for extra local resources with the Superintendents for both Clondalkin and Tallaght Districts who I've been lobbying for more Gardai," continued Cllr. Emer Higgins.

"The Clondalkin Superintendent committed to allocating 8 more Gardai to Rathcoole. He expects to fill 5 positions in the next 6-8 weeks and will then recruit for 3 more all via expressions of interest from Gardai in the wider district. These will all be experienced Gardai and will make a real difference in the community. I strongly welcome this decision," concluded Cllr. Emer Higgins.

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