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Lucan Women Celebrate International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, Lucan women gathered to hear a very special guest speaker tell her story. South Dublin Chamber of Commerce President, entrepreneur, Margaret Considine shared told her unique story at a coffee morning in Kenny’s of Lucan. The event, organised by local Councillors Emer Higgins and Vicki Casserly, was themed thinking equal, building smart and innovating for change.

“We were delighted to host the event which heard from an especially inspiring speaker. Margaret Considine is President of the South Dublin Chamber of Commerce and of Mediators Institute of Ireland. She’s also a successful entrepreneur, a local employer, a wife and a mum. Her personal and career story captured everyone there and her words of wisdom encouraged women to realise their full potential,” said Cllr. Emer Higgins.

“Confidence is one of the biggest barriers for women. Unfortunately, society has a way of undermining confidence in women and that’s why all of us, both men and women, need to support and encourage the women around us. The message from our event was believe in yourself and embrace opportunities,” concluded Cllr. Emer Higgins.

“Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate International Women’s Day,” said Cllr. Vicki Casserly.

“It was lovely to spend the day with such an incredible equality advocate and members of my local community. The message of the day was be yourself and the best you can be,” concluded Vicki Casserly.

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