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Live Register Drops in Dublin

Cllr. Emer Higgins has said that the Live Register has dropped again locally here in Dublin thanks to continued job creation.

Higgins said: “The latest CSO report shows that in Dublin the number of people on the Live Register has dropped again with the numbers of people signing on down by 16% since the same time last year. In Clondalkin the decline is 22% and in Tallaght it’s 16%. Overall, the Live Register has decreased by 55% since Fine Gael launched its Action Plan for Jobs in 2012. That means 2,000 less people on the live register in South County Dublin today versus one year ago,” said Cllr. Emer Higgins.

“The overall unemployment rate for the country stands at 5.3%, down from 15.1% in early 2012 when Fine Gael launched its Action Plan for Jobs. Even more encouragingly, we are still seeing declines in long-term unemployment across the country. We need to continue to support businesses to grow, entrepreneurs to innovate and those on the live register seeking work support in getting those opportunities.

“There are now 2,273,200 people employed; the highest level ever. Employment growth has now been recorded in the last 25 consecutive quarters. One of the impacts of a renewed economy is an increase of cars on our roads and I’ll continue to campaign for infrastructure investment in South Dublin,” continued Higgins.

“Fine Gael in Government has put the right policies in place to allow our economy and society to grow in a way that builds our resilience and ensures we are well positioned for what lies ahead. We are on track to achieve the Government’s target of creating an additional 200,000 jobs by 2020.

“As my colleague the Minister for Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform, Paschal Donohoe, has highlighted, our focus now is not just on job creation alone but also on the sustainability and productivity of jobs into the future. The Government’s Future Jobs Programme 2019 brings a new strategic approach to sustainable economic growth and job creation as we approach full-employment,” concluded Higgins.

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