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Higgins Welcomes Grand Canal Greenway Plans

South Dublin County Council and Kildare County Council have both published plans for the Grand Canal Greenway that would run from the 12th Lock to the Offaly boarder. 4.6km of the proposed route would be in South Dublin running from the 12th Lock to Hazelhatch, Newcastle.

Local Councillor for the area, Emer Higgins, has welcomed the plans.

“Greenways are fantastic initiatives. They promote fitness, wellness, exposure to nature and attract tourists. I’m delighted with the progress on the Greenway through Hazelhatch, it's something I've been campaigning on for a number of years and I would encourage people to use this opportunity to have their say on how to make the most of the cycle and path way,” said Cllr. Emer Higgins.

4.6km of the proposed Greenway would run through South Dublin. It would provide for a shared walk and cycle way along the existing Grand Canal towpath. Significant surfacing works would be required to the existing track and a number of pedestrian and cycle friendly gates would be installed.

“I had the opportunity to cycle on the Greenway in Dungarvan and was so impressed by the amenity. Anyone interested in helping to shape the plans for our own local Greenway have until 21st January to have their say through the portal. In my submission, I’ll be asking for adequate access points to be provided for residents who live near the route to make sure that locals have every opportunity to use what I know will be a fantastic amenity and a great addition to the area. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to protect and enhance our area,” concluded Cllr. Emer Higgins.

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